Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Otmoor Wryneck or "My double dip depression"

Cryptic Coloration (c) Graham Lenton

Wryneck (c) Graham Lenton

Having missed the Wryneck on the Downs due to a prior engagement and having been unable to relocate it on Sunday morning I wrote an optimistic last line on my regular weekend blog along the lines of : "perhaps we will have our own Wryneck on the moor ,which I will get to see"
Well part of it came true. Graham Lenton found the first Wryneck to be on the reserve, at least as far as I know. There had been a probable bird in Long Meadow seven or so years ago, but that is off the reserve proper. The latest bird was found along the visitor trail at noon yesterday. it was seen by a number of people before flying up into the poplars along the visitor trail and then disappearing.
Need I say it disappeared about half an hour before I got there! There may be another one one day.

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