Thursday, 22 November 2012

Starling Roost

Both pictures (c) Carole Findlay

I have had a number of reports of the Starling Roost. It seems that it can vary in quality of display from the spectacular to a rather damp squib. What is predictable however at the moment, is the very large numbers of birds coming in to the roost at dusk. Current estimates suggest about 60,000 although they are extremely difficult to count. Attendant raptors are also predictable, including at least one ring tailed Hen Harrier, Sparrowhawk and the occasional Peregrine.
I would urge anyone planning to see the starlings to try to visit on a weekday evening. Saturday and Sunday are very busy indeed and parking is becoming a major issue. RSPB staff are being deployed to try to extend the parking available, so please do not obstruct the gateway,as with the gate open more parking becomes accessible. Car sharing where possible is really helpful.
I hope that the starlings perform for you should you visit, it is surely one of the best free spectacles available in the British countryside.

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