Thursday, 29 March 2012

Common Cranes and Funny Buzzards

Feeding Common Crane (c) Paul Greenaway

Pale Buzzard (c) Matthew OByrne

Another pic of the Crane on the 100 acre. (c) Paul Greenaway

As can be seen from the tracking done by Jason with the use of his pager the Cranes that over- nighted on Sunday into Monday were very much bed and breakfast birds. It seems that they were taking advantage of the fine settled conditions to make a long journey. Nonetheless it was great to have them on the moor.
I have also posted a composite picture of a very pale morph Common Buzzard that may have confused one or two birders as it seems to look as though an Osprey had a liaison with a Harrier but retained a buzzards structure and proportions. Ian Lewington says that in the south of the county pale birds outnumber both the dark and the intermediate forms. Many thanks to Matthew OByrne for sending me the picture.

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